Sunday, 2 October 2011

term 3

This is term 3 in approx 200 words
darcy started going out with coco and stopped being pinkified to me, plus he sat on bradley's neck while bradley crawled around the science room. ( awkward.....)
and I saw bailey and Bronte kissing which was gross. then bailey and bronte broke up which was kinda sad in a 'yay now we don't have to see them make out anymore' way. bailey tried to go out with bronte's best frined and he did for a day, but then the best friend was a good best friend and dumped him cause im pretty sure it is against the law to go out with your best friend's ex if they only broke up yesterday.
and cameron and bradley sprayed their stinky deodorant all over the English classroom and it was sooooo bad, we actually had to evacuate for awhile.
i poured water on cameron, he got kinda annoyed......
I also poured blue food colouring on blake, which was lollified. but mean, even though he deserved it.
I got in heaps of trouble for lots of stuff. i read books. I wrote stories. I exsisted.
Term 3.

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