Friday, 23 September 2011


ay so right now i have no real reason for blogging apart from to stop me getting bored out of my mind.

so i am going to be strange and truthful and have boring and h so mega important reulutions cause it is something to do.

  1. Try to be nice to people.  they probably don't like having water poured on them.
  2. ber nice to parentals then they will be nice!! try not to scream at them so much......
  3. do homework more oftwn cause you should and then teachers won't scream at you and make you write essays on rights and responsiblities (mental note: they won't like it when you say that they are a poohead)
  4. try to be a not so evil sister 
  5. stop throwing zane's bag in the bin even if he does say awful stuff
  6. stop gettig kickd out of the library. YOU ARE A NERD PERSON YOU DO NOT GET KICKED OUT OF LIBRARIES, OKAY?
  7. read better books. pervertednesss is bad, okay?
  8. become smart genius
  9. get friends so will not have to whine about the lameness of the planet on here
  10. get revenge on B1 B2 BTB TSHAB and the rest of the PG but not being too evil
  11. finish the stupid story and type it up nd get it publishrx before you die
  12. survive 

that is good goals yes?

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