Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Observe the evil assignement. Its for scince if you cant tell.

1.                   Explain the Energy transformations taking place in this device (start with nuclear power energy in the sun). You are required to justify each choice of energy transformations in 1-2 sentences by explaining the process that is taking place. Extra marks will be awarded for devices which undergo a larger number of energy transformations. 8 marks.
2.                   State the efficiency of the device and how it is worked out. 3 marks.
3.                   Describe the process of manufacture for this device. 3 marks.
4.                   Outline the discovery and/or development of this device. 2 marks.
5.                   Explain how a similar task was carried out before this device was invented. To do this, you need to work out the purpose of the device and find out how this purpose was achieved previously. It might be very different to the way your device works. 2 marks.
6.                   Include a reference list (you will need multiple sources). References downloaded from the internet need to include a date on which the information was accessed. 2 marks.

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