Wednesday, 11 May 2011

er um no title?

So did not miss bus or train or anything much, but was v. out of breath and almost DIED from lack of oxygen. But anyways. P.E was bad as always. Had to sprint and sprint then throw javelin. The javelin was long and spiky. I was kind of hoping I might be able to *accidentally* kill C, and blame Justin Bieber. Which would have been fun, but sadly was unable to carry out this genius plan. I was very kind, and let A and M and N go in front of me in line to throw javelin, (I have a fear of accidentally killing someone and then getting sent to jail. No idea why) so i only had to throw the javelin once. I failed. Oh well.
Then big test. *yay* *is sarcastic* Finished in like, 10 minutes though.  I’m a weird person.
Then boringness. Then got sent to this crazy class. That was weird.
Now am home. Doing *homework*.  But feeling guilty, cause my mum stayed up till like 2 am *helping* me with my project  ( as in mummy do all work. Nice mummy) and i’m just blogging.
But yeah. Have big projects. Lots of big and annoying projects.
Okay, am going to do homework. Sad me.
I am a poor, doomed child.

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